Science Finds Cure For Skin Aging, But...

Doctors have long used diluted bleach to treat severe eczema, but why bleach did the trick was a mystery, until now.

Did bleach kill harmful bacteria? Or did it somehow destroy the dead tissue in a way that allowed healing to take place? Nope.

The culprit was inflammation. In fact, it's inflammation that's a bigger problem than the infection itself in most cases. That's why you take aspirin or Tylenol to keep a fever down, inflammation causes damage to tissue and the brain.

Tests showed that low doses of bleach blocked a chemical that triggers the immune system's inflammatory response.

But don't dart out and start taking Clorox baths. The dosage is infinitesimally small, and wiping bleach over large areas of your body will not just turn you into an albino it likely will do more harm than good.

For now, it's mainly for severe cases of skin disease, open sores, diabetic tumors, and women with mustaches, like postmenopausal Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.  You don't wanna end life like Michael Jackson, do ya?