McDonalds Uses Opera To Terrorize Teens

An infestation of teen loitering in an Australian McDonalds just outside Sydney was threatening sales.

Matthew Watson, the operations manager copied his solution from a nearby car park using Barry Manilow music to drive off an intractable pubescent pullulate.  But instead of blaring Barry he choose arias from Don Giovanni and La Boheme.

It worked!

The tactic is not without critics.  Some who live nearby say the music is too loud but others say "it might bring a bit of class to the area".

Though the teens are clearly repulsed, Stef Awns laments,: "It's a shame that classical music supposedly has this impact on people".

Wonder if Mozart and Puccini could have guessed their masterworks would one day be used to frighten and intimidate teenagers rather than entertain and enlighten them?

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