Burglars Foiled By Female Tomahawk Champion

Two Hispanics broke into a mobile home in Hemet, CA.

Before looking for valuables the pair scarfed down a bunch of snack food before turning to take the wrist watch off the sleeping owner, Robin Irvine.

Robin made ready and just as Nicholas Joseph Ulloa, 22, touched her arm she bolted from the bed and grabbed her tomahawk.

'I could have thrown it,' Robin told the cops. 'I could have put it right in his spine. It would have paralyzed him.'

But the burglars were already pooping their pants and running away so she took pity on them and let them go.

Apparently the unobservant thieves didn't see Robin Irvine's shelf filled with tomahawk throwing trophies. Talk about picking the wrong trailer.

The cops quickly located and arrested Ulloa who was crouched in a bunch of bushes sitting in a pool of his own pee and clutching a sack full of Robin's stuff. The other guy is still out there, and so is Robin.

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