Obama Bootlicks Blackhawks Rags On Redskins

There's hypocrisy, rank hypocrisy and vicious hypocrisy.

Obama's well repeated lie 'you can keep your healthcare' has been obliterated by the millions of cancellation letters sent to Americans.

But don't expect Obama or the other Democrats to apologize, recant, or even admit the lie was meant to deceive in order to get the abomination passed into law

Oh no.

Now comes vicious hypocrisy. Senior CA Demotard Dianne Feinstein sat on Face The Nation Sunday snarking, “Well, as I understand it, you can keep it [your healthcare] up to the time...up to the time the bill [Obamacare] was enacted, and after that, it’s a different story.”

Feinsteins happy to carry a pail of shit kept full by the WH.  Obama thinks he can get away with denying he made the comment himself, though there are 30 videos of him saying othewise.

While Feinstein was making a horses-ass out of herself on NBC, Oracist was back at the WH stirring-up the Indian pot. Last month, Obama said if he owned the Washington Redskins he would 'think about changing' the team name.

Ogle Obama above posing with the Chicago Blackhawks on their visit to the White House a few days ago. Odd, Obama didn't note the Blackhawk's mascot and logo.  Guess Obama's race outrage only extends to teams not in Chicago.

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