Women Work More Than Men Countries

Italian women are either desperate, dumb and dull, or they're somehow fine with lazy-assed bed mates lounging and loafing while they put in a double-work-week around the house.

In fact, the top five countries where women put in more hours than men is topped by Italy.

In order and excess hours worked:  Italy 21, Spain 15, UK 11, USA 9, and China 8.

British women do more unpaid housework and childcare than women in all other countries, yet in Italy where the birth rate is negative the women work twice as hard as the men.

Unsurprisingly, women have less time for fun and tending to their own needs.

All this at a time when men are working less. In the USA, women have filled the part-time job ranks, while the guys are sitting on their asses at home watching TV. Why? Because women get paid less, and men, after six years of Obama recession, have no self-respect left.

Brave new world? Or just swapping old world slavery with ones that have breasts? Heck Obama even has them carrying weapons into combat in the Marine corp now - lucky us.