ObamaCare Doctor Fix: Forced Patient Taking

Most non chicken-brained liberals understood from day one that ObamaCare was a train wreck set to derail the medical system.

And now that the train has trundled off the trestle Democrats are slowly figuring out that doctors are not gonna want to ride either.

MDs are usually not among the blunt-force morons that vote in things like ObamaCare.  Many are small businesses too.  So when faced with treating patients below cost many MDs are refusing to bend-over and get that government finger stuck up their toches too.

In simpler terms -  most will refuse to treat government subsidized, underpaying patients entirely.  Shocking!

The Great Falls Grange debate in Virginia last week heard Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy say since many doctors aren't accepting medicaid and medicare patients she wants a law forcing doctors to treat them.  Murphy said she didn't know the government underpays for such care.  The goofy Dem also said she didn't know there's a shortage of over 45,000 physicians now and in ten years that shortage will balloon to over 90,000.

And that's BEFORE ObamaCare adds 30 million more to the teeming pile of underpaying patients.

The road to perdition is short and paved with mal-intentions squirting from the damaged minds of Democrats.