Karma: Obama Supporters Losing Healthcare

Despite Obama's emphatic promises to the contrary millions are losing their custom-fitted and far less expensive private healthcare policies.  And as an extra bonus they're also losing their family doctors.

Given the Democrats were the ONLY ones voting for Obamacare it's sorta sweeeeeet when Democrats get slapped with the sticker shock and sting themselves.  Whom among us deserves it more?

San Francisco architect Lee Hammack says he and his wife are “cradle Democrats.” They gave money to Obama's campaign in 2012 and worked the phones for his re-election.

Hammack got his letter last week. The two were on a $550 a month Kaiser Permanente plan since 1995. Kaiser said due to Obamacare their premiums would have to more than double to $1,300 a month and get reduced services.

Undaunted and circumspect Hammack rushed to the 'Covered California' Obamacare site and checked out his options. Ehhh. No cigar. The Obamacare plan had a hefty $975 a month premium, almost double his old one, and far higher copays and deductibles.

Hammack and his liberal wife join over one million other Californians now huddled in the same boat.  Too bad we can't force Hammack to give up his house and his savings to pay down Obama's debt too.

Anyone feel sorry for this pair? Hope not....they're one of the reasons Obama and Nancy Pelosi got the power to fling the Obamacare pile of poop on the rest of us. Happy now that you can 'see what's in it?'

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