Santa Arrested Groping Elf

Herbert Jones, 62, was arrested for indecent assault and battery.  Keep reading, it gets better.

Herbie was working his seasonal mall job dressed up as Santa Claus when he just kinda lost his focus and decided to reach out and pinch the butt of one of his 18-year-old female elves.

A witness female elf told police she saw Jones “reach up in the area’s of [the victim’s] behind.” The elf said she was “unsure if his hand actually made contact” with the victim elf's buttocks, the victim elf later reported “that Santa ‘pinched her butt.’”

Herbie's side of the story is a little different, of course. He said he was in his Santa seat sure enough but the teen elf  “walked by and brushed her buttocks against his hand.” Jones insisted he too was shocked when he realized what was happening and “pulled his hand away in an attempt to avoid contact.”

At least that's what Herbie told the judge this morning.

Are the two teens out to get some twisted elfie revenge on Santa, or did Santa try to sneak himself an early Christmas gift? You be the judge.