Mexican Drug Gangs After Your 401K

Mexican drug gangs are ready to take your cash and your life.  And are not above luring prey using teen Latinas as bait.

Nancy Michelle Mendoza Moreno, 22, has been arrested in Mexico and extradited to San Diego to face charges of luring high-profile men and delivering them to Mexican drug thugs.

One example of Ms Moreno's handiwork played out in a Chula Vista, CA Starbucks.  Nancy lured Mexican businessman Eduardo Gonzalez-Tostado to her aunt's house.  Senior Tostado excitedly showed up with candy and flowers in hand and was quickly beaten and stored in a pantry.  Gang members sat on Eduardo for eight days waiting for $2 million ransom money from Eduardo's wife.

Unbeknownst to the Tostado kidnappers was a tracking device placed in the suitcase loaded with the $194,000 ransom. Two of the five men were sentenced to life in prison without parole. The rest were released into the wild and remain at large.

Kidnap and extortion isn't new.  Targeting fat, weak old men looking for sex with a teen is the toasty part. The hard part for Eduardo is he risked everything and Nancy isn't even that cute. 

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