Aussies Make Women's Underwear For Men

The Aussies are way ahead of the USA in decline.

The only reason the down under guys are afloat as a country is because the Chinese are raping their natural resources. And the didgeridoos are perfectly happy to bend over and ask for more.

HommeMystere is out with a full line of bras, boustieas, teddies and panties - for men.  And man are these things disgusting.

The company, for some reason, wants to point out the garments are not just for gay men. Whew, for a minute some of us were confused.

Homme added: ‘We provide our lingerie for guys.  Guys?  Like what kind of guys?  The kind that open doors for women or the kind that open doors for women and then have to pull part of their panties from their ass-crack after bending over to get the car door handle?

‘We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, Anglican, martian or any other persuasion...we just design and manufacture attractive luxury underwear for men.’  Oh brother.

These guys can't be serious, oh wait, they are serious and frankly need to be forced to wear their own crap in public in front of their parents.  The Angle is getting homosexual panic just cleaning up the illustration for this piece.

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