Married Cheater's Favorite Steak House

Married's who cheat are low-order life forms infesting the planet.  So where do these 'specimens' like to seal their deals? a website for cheating married people surveyed 43,000 of their claimed 18,800,000 member base.

Cheaters liked Morton's Steakhouse most, but any large chain near a hotel would apparently do. The cozeners sputtered like moths to the dimly lit rooms and proximity to clean sheets.  The lurid lechers were also particular about the minimum distance from home. Twenty-miles.

Imagine the hacker group Anonymous digging into AshleyMadison's little turd-pile of cuckolds and milksops? Forget the steak, it makes the mouth water just thinking about mass emails going to spouses of these animals, doesn't it?  Hello?  Anonymous?  Oh wait, maybe Anonymous hackers are AshleyMadison customers too? Nevermind.

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