Obama July GDP Gaming Plan

Obama is dishonest.  Rather than make a sincere and honest effort to understand and fix the economy Obama is gaming the system - again.

Carter changed the way the jobless rate is computed.  Under Carter those leaving the job market were taken out of the equation thus skewing the ratio and making it 'appear' lower.

The real Obama jobless rate adding back the 90 plus million who have given up looking for a job is well over 10% - hovering near 15% factoring former full-time now forced into part-time jobs. 

The other big stinger number is GDP.  Under Obama GDP had fallen to and remained near recession levels.  In fact as it stands today, the GDP is negative again - one reporting quarter from official recession.  So what's a floundering president to do?  Change the way the number is computed, of course.

The GDP number is being changed for the July reporting period and beyond.   So radical the change that the current negative number will suddenly become a positive 3% or higher.  How?  By treating intangibles like R&D and the cost of making Hollywood movies as an asset instead of an expense.  It's like adding the principle of a house or car loan to your income statement.

Smoke and mirrors, baby.  When the number is bad, change the formula - that's the Obama way.  Oh did we mention Obama is going after your Internet bucks now?