Vanity Epidemic Eroding Culture

Vanity is 7th among the 7 deadly sins. The Romans used the term vanagloria, or 'self boasting.'   So when the Catholics compiled their sin list, Pope Gregory folded vanity into the 7th sin and called it 'pride.'

Thousands of  volunteers were told to stare into a mirror at themselves for ten minutes.  Most became anxious and depressed about their looks.  True most were pretty damned homely, but we digress.

Scientists didn't expect people to get jacked-up so quickly. A neurosis called Body Dysmorphic Disorder apparently leads to self-hate.  BDDs are the anorexics, Hollywood actors, politicians and meth addicts of the world.

Researchers say women stare in the mirror 38 times in a day.  Wow. The Angle is lucky to get a dump done in the morning let alone take time to gawk moronically into a mirror for ten minutes.  Who are these people?