Ultra Orthodox Jewish Sex Manual Debuts

What you are about to read is at your own risk and will require a little work.  If shortness of breath or leg cramps develop give up.  Oh yea, you'll also need a Yiddish dictionary.

Jewish sex therapist and maven (yes, Jews need sex help too) Dr. David Ribner penned The Newlywed's Guide to Physical Intimacy.

The manual is intended to fill in the gaps for Jewish regulars on subjects including, but not limited to oral sex and masturbation. But, thank G-D there are no pictures except for a sealed envelope in the back of the book which is loaded with diagrams, oy vay.

Dr Ribner wants everyone to know that contrary to myth ultra-orthodox Jews don't have sex through a hole in a sheet.

Regardless, Ribner says modern Jews have stopped spelling out the basics for their kids, so rather than risk the pitselers getting wrong ideas from the goyim he offers a way out. After all who wants to go thru life a pisher when shtupping is the prize.

Expect to find the book in both English and Hebrew. Ribner has no illusions and admits many religious booksellers will refuse to carry the tome. Still, trying to save the boychick from the bobbemyseh is certainly no bubkes.  The Angle applauds the effort.

Judaism 101: Kosher Sex