Robber With Bat Killed By Kid With Shotgun

Once again we wake up to the story of a home invader nailed by a home owner with a shotgun.  And once again we have a happy ending due to the legal ownership of said gun. 

Cops in Midland, Tx got the 911 call around midnight on Tuesday.  An attempted robbery by 32-year-old Samuel Pompa carrying a baseball bat in his hands went south when Pompa came face to face with a 19-year-old occupant who had a12-ga shotgun in his hands. 

The 19-year-old told the cops he fired the shotgun to protect himself. No arrest was made.

Pompa was later carted off to the morgue sporting a sizeable hole in the middle of his chest.

Gabby Giffords and her hypocrite husband Mark Kelly say they are 'going after' senators who voted against the gun grab bill.  It seems Ms. Giffords refuses to learn the lesson - that she well may have avoided brain damage had she had a gun of her own the day a crazed schizophrenic showed up and shot her.

But then, Giffords is a Democrat and liberal so don't expect that level of common sense anyway.

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