Obama Throws Gun Defeat Temper Tantrum

Liberals like Obama are mostly knee-jerks.  Everything they defend is full of crap - Global Warming, Abortion, Big Government, Socialism, History Revisionism, Secular Humanism, Political Cronyism, Class Warfare, Tax and Spend.

After Sandy Hook Obama and his fellow irrational liberal ingrates felt it time to put a full court press on the Bill of Rights. After the Democrat controlled Senate refused to play the game, Obama went postal at the podium.

Trotting out 'victim' family members and added a weeping Joe Biden to the mix Obama stood spitting on his own teleprompter attacking those that refused to back his play on gun grabbing. 

Obama snorted that those voting down the gun bill had "no coherent arguments" for their position, and that the "gun lobby" had "willfully lied" in the course of the debate. Predictably while charging others of dishonesty Obama repeated his own 'big lies' on the issue.

Obama repeated his mantra that 40% of gun sales are private, and that guns can be bought over the Internet without background checks.  Both lies.  Ofalsehood also repeated that 90% of Americans want his gun bill.  Also not true, just 4% in recent Gallup polling think gun control is a priority.

The liberals are livid. Good. Dare we hope Obama's temper tantrum gives him insight into how US citizens feel about his brazen disregard for their constitutional rights?  Don't hold your breath.

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