Bill Gates Handshake Faux Pas

Talk about hand to mouth.  The media in South Korea is ablaze today over a simple handshake Bill Gates offered to their lady president Park Geun-hye. Notice everyone in South Korea has a Park in their name?

One would think South Korea would be a little more focused on the nukes perched on missile launchers ten miles from Seoul than the petty outrage shown over a billionaire forgetting to read the manual on handshakes in Asia.

But hey, people in Britain are still miffed Michelle Obama crushed the queen with a man-hug and high-fived half the palace guards on her way back to the limo.

Oh yea, the problem with the handshake is not the handshake, it's the hand in the pants that has them peeved.

Apparently the 'proper' way to shake hands in South Korea is the two-fisted pump with both palms covering the other shakers sweat-balled fist.  No ass-grabbing is allowed either - what a way to run a culture.

Gates isn't commenting on the rumpus.  Why should he?  Microsoft is in the turd-house lately and he has a pant-load of polio vaccine to peddle so if South Korea wants to make something of it, let them go gobble some Gaegogi (Korean dog meat).

South Korean Dog Dishes
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