iPhone Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Durex makes condoms, lubricants and vibrators for the world.  So what...

Well, the genitalia obsessed company put their 'heads' together and came up with a new product they think will make sex crazed consumers fall further into their laps.  An underwear that vibrates when accessed by an iPhone.

Durex calls it Fundawear.  Why?  We guess because anyone with your Fundawear's phone number can send your joy junction into a cacophony of sizzling, prickling, shivering, stinging, ringing, throbbing, tickling, twittering, toe-sucking, mind-numbing, uncontrollable coital mess.   So they have to be fun-to-wear, right?

The company describes Fundawear as 'the future of foreplay.'

Ben Moir, technical director of the project, said: 'After the laughter had stopped, we knew it was going to be an awesome project...people will want this.'

See where this is going?  Fundawear addicts sitting alone on a bus bench redialing their underwear, over and over, night and day, refusing to get on any bus that stops.  Fundawear couples running up cell phone bills playing hide-the-salami on two different continents.  Married Fundawear men cheating with married Fundawear women.  Fundawear dominatrix adding spikes, whips and leather to the basic model while others try to squeeze into smaller and smaller sizes.  Teens stealing mom and dad's Fundawear staging wild underwear parties.

Streets fill with incessant buzzing.  The ultimate distracted driver.  This cannot end well.

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