Starbucks Target Of Poison Orange Juice

Ramineh Behbehanian, 50, walked into a San Jose,CA Starbucks two days ago with a couple of bottles of orange juice in her handbag.

Patrons and staff spotted her stuffing the two bottles into the refrigerator alongside other drinks.

For some reason the fire department was called.  Once on scene the hazardous response team tested the suspect bottles and found the orange juice spiked with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

Quick thinking patrons got her license plate number as she drove off, so once the cops arrived they were able to track her down.

Why Ramineh decided to poison people in her San Jose neighborhood is a mystery.  Had anyone managed to drink her little toxic surprise they would've started vomiting, convulsing, siezuring, losing body heat, turned blue and finally keeled over and died.  The unlucky ones surviving would've been blinded.

Ramineh may be part of a giant Iranian cell of orange juice terrorists.  The list of stuff to ban is getting longer; guns, steam cookers, welfare recipients, orange juice, rubbing alcohol - and that's just in the last two weeks.

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