Kids Pajama Smartphone App Debuts

Will nothing be spared the onslaught of "there's an app for that?"

Juan Murdoch a realtor from Idaho Falls has six kids so he's always looking for shortcuts.  Droning through yet another reread of Snow White, Juan had a brain-fart.

Juan furiously covered one of his kid's pajamas in black felt-tip marker and later hired a guy expert on Braille to make sense of it. Juan and his consultant had invented interactive pajamas which, when scanned with a camera phone or tablet, streamed out bedtime stories.

The pajamas look ridiculous of course. They're covered with 47 clusters of dot-like barcodes.

Not everyone's happy with the lazy parents pajamas. Some say it's an 'unnecessary' use of technology. You know, a solution looking for a problem.

Another cynic wrote, 'What's next, an app that potty trains?'  Guess what, there's an iPhone potty training app too.

Juan's undeterred says his own kids are hooked on the interactive nightshirts. Juan wants to invent more barcoded garments for Christmas. Just think, kids can start texting as soon as they pop out of the womb-chute.  Isn't technology great?