Race Bully Makes High Schooler Cry

How about a little morning outrage to go with that latte?

Naively, a group of high school juniors from Piedmont Governor’s School in Martinsville, VA, brought their handmade story-quilt to the local city council for show-and-tell. 

“We got to walk across the Philpott Dam and the small black person represents us before we learned all the information and then the bigger gold person is how he feels after he’s been enriched with all the different knowledge,” a female student explained.

Black councilwoman Sharon Brooks-Hodge interrupted the student and blew race into the presentation, “Excuse me. Um, why is the small black person the negative image?”   The student confused and shocked explained: “It’s not negative. It’s just showing how much we increased.”

Brooks-Hodge was ready before the end of the sentence: “I take offense to that.”

“I didn’t mean to make it offensive,” another student tried to explain.  Now brooks-Hodges was loading the second barrel - remember, this is a bunch of high school 16 year-olds.

Brooks-Hodge deepened her race-charge, “Whoever reviewed that to make a small black person the before and the gold which you are afterwards...I take offense to that and I hope that you do not display that.”

The female student started crying.  One teacher stood to explain it had nothing to do with race.

The NAACP quickly tossed in their race-grenade demanding the students be 'trained' on race sensitivity.

The city council hasn't decided if the quilt will be hung in the building.

Psst, Ms Brooks-Hodge the reason blacks have a negative image has nothing to do with a bunch of high schoolers stitching black stick figures onto a quilt.  No.  Blacks get a bad name because of people like you and what blacks are doing in Detroit, Oakland and here  www.thugreport.com.