C-Section Babies Suffer Damaged IQ

Scientists at Yale University found increased levels of the protein UCP2 in babies born naturally.  The protein fosters short and long term memory health, a key components of intelligence development.

UCP2 is also thought to improve the chances of newborns breastfeeding. Breast milk jump starts the immune system in infants, and contributes to digestive health once the kid starts to eat regular food.

Caesareans (C-section) damage IQ yet are now the majority of births in US hospitals. The procedure is also said to damage women's fertility and open them to risk of bleeding and infection. So why are they being done? Money. Getting women quickly in and out of the hospital saves money and increases surgery fees.

If you want your kid to have the best chance to develop a robust IQ, immune system, sleep and eat well DO NOT have a C-section.   And try to breastfeed them for at least a year.

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