Pain Game: Kick To Groin Or Birthing A Kid

Sex is easy for men. Women get stuck with 9-months of back-breaking front-loaded ever-growing cargo.  Then spend a whole sweaty man-hating day delivering it..

So after millions of years is mankind ready to test and answer the question few would dare to ask? Which hurts more, squeezing a bowling ball sized object through a finger-hole sized vagina, or a swift, deliberate, targeted, quick kick to the groinal area?

First, the ground rules.  The word "pain" comes from the Latin "poena" meaning a fine or a penalty.

Birthing a bowling ball or beating the be-jezzus out of the inhabitants of a nutsack results in somatic pain. Somatic pain arrives when nociceptors send pain signals to the brain and spinal cord after the nerves are cut, bruised, squashed, stretching or are otherwise transmortified.

The cervix, vagina and testicles are covered in nociceptors. The contest is judged a tie. But the female takes home a bigger prize enduring the ordeal.  A baby.  The male gets to stay curled in a fetal position for the rest of the day pondering trading places with her.  But he only does it once, she?  Who knows.

Caution: the video contains graphic material and loud, banshee like screaming and crying.

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