Botox Blues: Body Builds Antibodies

Botox is a bustling billion buck industry built on vanity.  The process involves injecting tissue with botulin - the most toxic substance, microgram for microgram known to man.

The guy that discovered the poison found it growing inside sausages.  So he coined the term botulism from the Latin word for sausage - botulus.  But enough sausage history.

Some women are so hooked on stabbing their faces with ever increasing dosages the crap is causing their immune system to produce antibodies to fight the infection.  It's like the reverse of overusing antibiotics.

German researchers discovered patients who needed larger doses – including those prescribed it for medical reasons to treat spasms or sweating – were more likely to stop responding.

Abhilash Jain, a medical lecturer at Oxford University, said many patients using Botox had no idea that they could become immune to it.

Looks like women are gonna have to go back to accepting what nature dishes out.  Either that or start taking rejection drugs to blunt their immune systems.  Wait.  Then they may develop cancer.  Well, a smooth forehead is likely worth the risk, right ladies?