Remembering Ted Turner Pooping Pants Dissing Dead Soldiers

The US Military fights and dies so Ted Turner can sail his yacht, throw rich guy parties, and get hitched to goonie Hollywood B actresses (and just as quickly divorce them).

Ted Turner said he thought it “good” American soldiers are committing suicide at record rates because in his tiny mind it shows an aversion to war.

Really?  When did Ted get appointed grand poobah judge of our warrior heroes or get his mail-order amateur psychologist certificate?

What happens to guys like Ted Turner is being surrounded by yes-men for so long they their shit don't stink. Well Ted your shit and your breath stinks more than most, especially when you pee on your own shoes showing glee over military suicides..

Enough about Ted and his tight ass.  Most of us will just take solace when Ted exits the planet choking on a piece of pate, a hot-wing, or a pickle or something.