Exclusive 'Facebook' For World's 200 Richest

Just when you thought the whole class envy thing was getting out of hand now comes a new way to be jealous of the top 200 wealthiest in the world.

The 'Facebook for world leaders' is being launched by Tibco at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Only the top loaded 200 need apply.

Gawker.com says the new site will be a prime target for hackers - ya think?  Web pirates penetrated the FBI for instance, and have published names and phone numbers of law enforcement officers nationwide.

Should the top 200 hive up on this site, it will no doubt require a billion dollar security shield.  Otherwise, one hack, and a few billionaires will be changing cell phone numbers in a hurry. At least that's how the 'Anonymous' group will see it.

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