Gallup: Obama Most Polarizing President In History

Shocking... Gallup's latest poll is characterizing Obama as the most polarizing president in history. How can this be? In 2008 Obama was walking on water, the messiah of politics, the second-coming of Thomas Jefferson. But alas, no - he was a false God after all.

Some of us told you so. Gallup notes a full 68% gap between the koolaiders still on board with the failed president, and those that have seen the light, or were never blinded by it to begin with.

Harry Reid is a dysfunction, but Obama is the boss, and has consistently proven he cannot do the job. While Reid digs in his heels, Debbie Wassermann-Shultz, DNC chair, plays the role of attack dog, rabid, frothing, ankle-biting, and specious. Remember when that was Nancy Pelosi's job?

Obama is always looking for a new ways to divide people. The class-warfare card is a strong one, and Obama is playing it like it was the joker in the deck. The joker of course is Obama himself and voters seem, finally, to be 'getting it'.

Obama has alienated his own base to boot. Catholics are correctly offended by the mandate to distribute birth-control from their medical facilities. Jews offended by Obama's reckless lack of support for Israel as Israel faces a nuclear Iran. And Obama even goes out of his way to piss off anti-war left wingers peddling down a wide stream of illegal wars in Libya, and Africa. Just the goofy black liberals are left, despite Obama destroying them economically.

The billion dollar Obama machine, blaming Bush, cheerleading its failures, and pitting Americans against one another in a giant game of 'are you dumb enough to reelect the biggest boob to ever occupy the white house'.

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