Haitian Deportation Halt Leads To Three Murders

The tragedy of illegal immigration includes the crimes by known felons.

A continuous stream of horrific acts committed by illegals, especially ones with known criminal records continues to victimize citizens. And the astounding part is, its Obama's POLICY.

Two months after his release, Kesler Dufrene, 23 a twice convicted Haitian immigrant murdered three people. Freed after the Obama Administration halted deportations to Haiti, Durfrene went on a killing spree that included taking the life of a gifted high school student 15-year-old Ashley Chow.

'This guy shouldn’t have been in America,' Audrey Hansack, 37, mother of murdered teen lamented. How many times have we heard victims families say the same thing?

Somehow the outrage just doesn't seem to rise. Why?  Let's be honest, is Obama's entire presidency worth this one girls life? Come on folks...

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