Abortion Dying One State At A Time?

NARAL Pro-Choice America says 67 anti-abortion measures were enacted in 2011, a record.

Five states enacted bans on abortion after 20 weeks; eight prohibit insurance coverage for abortion; and seven banned state funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills.

NARAL is complaining the new GOP majorities are concentrating on abortion, and not the economy. Odd. Did anyone hear them carp when the Democrats and their super-majority chose to focus on Obamacare, and not the economy?

The cultural split in the USA has never been greater. The civil war was mainly over states rights, and indirectly the question of slavery. But today, we are fighting over all of it - states rights, abortion, illegal aliens, debt, social spending, military spending, foreign wars, oil, homosexuals, and the ever present, dysfunction of the size and ineptness of the federal government.

But abortion is the most emotionally charged. A major turning point in the entire debate will occur in November 2012.

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