Arizona Judge: No English No Council Seat

The 'Balkanization' of America is a real threat given the number of Hispanic illegals in the country. There are so many, that most of them do not bother to learn English given the readiness of some states to print ballots and drivers tests in dual-language texts.

Arizona is ground zero for Hispanic overload. Now a small town in southern Arizona called San Luis has a councilwoman that cannot pass basic proficiency language tests proving she can read, speak, and comprehend English. Arizona correctly requires English in order to serve in political office in the state.

Alejandrina Cabrera, a graduate of Kofa High School in Yuma claims she has enough English skill to be on the city council, but sociolinguistics expert William Eggington disagrees. He tested the woman, and provided the courts with proof Alejandrina is English deficient. Astounding considering Alejandrina actually attended and graduated from a Yuma, AZ high school!

Can you hear the shrill screams from the ACLU? Of course they want cash-strapped cities to suffer the cost of printing everything in Spanish now. In the end,anyone refusing to learn English is not going to get a pass.

The US is NOT going to become Alto Mexico - no matter how offensive that sounds.