USA Drops To World ’s 3rd Largest Economy

Obama's incompetence has led the USA to the brink of $5 gas, hyper-inflation, and China shaving 25 years off overtaking the US economy.

The war of wills and disinformation is on and the Democrats have no intention of turning into born-again American patriots.

The meltdown in the EU is well underway.  Greece will leave the union and become a 3rd world wreck in the middle of Europe.  Nine other EU countries downgraded this week joining Obama's own grim US downgrade from a few months ago.

The US faces an econ and oil crises not seen since World War II.  The difference?  The Obama has been pumping the National Debt printing money.  The US has never been weaker.

Obama has made a feigned gesture to 'downsize' the government, but it's all hot air unless Obama CUTS SPENDING.  Obama has asked for a debt ceiling hike of $1.4 trillion, by the election Obama will have added $7.4 trillion to the $17.2 trillion debt all by himself.

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