Poll: Economists Say Obama Stinks

The left-leaning Associated Press is out with a poll surveying thirty-six professionals in finance and economics on how Obama has done as 'commander of the economy'.

Half rated Obama as 'fair', a third say he is 'poor', just five said he is 'good', none rated him as excellent.

Asked about the 2012 jobs picture? Unemployment will stay high, dropping no lower than 8.4% by Election Day. Caveat: see Real Jobless Rate.

Most people get it now.  The latest Gallup Poll shows more than 60% say Obama's spending is a failure.  And fully 72% say the country is going in the wrong direction.  No wonder Obama is not running on his record.

Well, you can be sure Obama will try to lean on the bogus jobless numbers from US Labor, which are not accurate.  And you can be assured Obama will be 'diverting' attention from his poll numbers, his abysmal record, and his insistence on doing everything wrong - why not - he has an election to win, right?

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