UK Breakup To Beat EU Breakup

The 300-year-old Union with England and Scotland has been tenuous for years. The latest effort by the current PM of Scotland, a fierce nationalist, to vote on partition was planned for the 700-year anniversary of the Battle of Bonnockburn. The battle was the only time Scotland won one against the Britons, one in which Robert the Bruce put an axe to Sir Henry de Bohun blunting the superior forces of the Brits.

But it seems the Scots have benefited more than the Britons have over the years, and so the vote to split is often seen as a feigning move by the Scots to 'get stuff', rather than to actually leave the marriage.

Put up or shut up says England's David Cameron. After years of threatening to vote on partition, PM David Cameron has issued a fun challenge to the PM of Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond daring him to go to the polls now, within 18 months, rather than wait till 2014.

The EU is also machinating toward a divorce.  The Europeans are entertaining if not pathetic, aren't they?  Remember the recent spat between France's Sarkhozy and PM Cameron over EU finances?

My my, after centuries of wars, millions slaughtered, those goofy Euro's do seem to have one speed - chaos.

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