Atheists Scared Of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is 'openly Christian', a dirty word these days, especially among self-described atheists.

Tebow gets on a knee during NFL football games and says a little prayer, a gesture feared by the mouth-breathing anti-diety crew. Atheists would prefer Tebow beat dogs, or swap wives like the other players do, apparently.

The Tebow knee gesture has gotten so popular, that kids have adopted it as a kind of homage to the winning quarterback for the Denver Broncos. The affectionate name is "Tebowing". And it is driving David Silverman, president of American Atheists up a wall.  Silverman's whining includes calling Tebow "full of crap".

Appropriately countering the cry-baby Davey Silverman is Michele Combs, spokeswoman for the Christian Coalition who says “I think that atheists just need to get over it...He’s a Christian giving his ability to God. What’s wrong with that?”

Whats wrong with that? Well Davey and his sorry band of hell-bounders prefer football sans religion; religion scares the bejesus out of them. Remember, these are the guys that are just supposed to be watch-dogging separation of church and state. Not out there bashing one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL simply because the guy has a moral compass.

Exposed! Caught! The real Davey Silverman is just a femme ankle-biter after all.   Hey Dave, real men play football, they don't sit on a couch and snipe at the players.

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