Asian Customer Complains: 'My name isn't lady chinky eyes'

Papa Johns corporate has issued an apology after an employee wrote 'lady chinky eyes' on a customer order.  Minhee Cho spotted the predilection after glancing at the printed receipt.

Minhee got on Twitter and tweeted: 'Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't 'lady chinky eyes''. It seems Minhee is an investigative journalist and knew where to punch the errant corporate jugular.

Papa Johns took quick notice writing 'We are very sorry for this incident & would like to contact you to apologize,' the company Tweeted and Facebook'd.

Well, Minhee, push for free pizza for life, get yourself a franchise out of it, something. After all, next to getting a pizza with bad cheese or a burnt crust, this should lead to something more than an easy online apology.

No one likes to be called chinky eyes - what is a chinky eye anyway?  The word isn't in my spellchecker.