Greeks Flocking To Australia To Find Jobs

Remember the little joke from grade school? How much does a Greek Urn (Earn), well the joke is on the Australian's this time.  The destitute Greeks are fleeing a bankrupt Greece headed toward the Waltzing Matilda of the Australian outback looking for work.

The Greek meltdown is not going to abate.  Smart Greeks are headed to points south ditching 20% jobless rates in exchange for a country that pays its truck drivers up to $200k a year!

The Australian government is easing work-permits to attract at least 125,000 skilled immigrants over the next year.  Greeks have been emmigrating to Australia since the end of World War II sporting a burgeoning Greek presence of nearly 400,000 retsina drinking, bob-footed, bouzouki playing Hellinites.

So, return the question, how much does a Greek earn?  One answer can now be found outside of Greece, in the island-continent of Australia.  Looking for authentic souvlaki or gyros? Get 'down-under' and ask for anyone 'on the wallaby' - one of them might be Greek!  

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