Al Sharpton: Obama’s Karaoke Moment Tingled My Leg

The clown of race hustling Al Sharpton has a regular job on MSNBC. The network no one watches bubbles in the background with loons like Sharpton who is counted on to utter absurd remarks in the middle of serious events.

Obama is arrogantly assuming his abysmal track record will go unnoticed. The Rev Al wants his last few minutes of fame to include fantasies of a presumed Obama resurrection.

Obama sang part of an Al Green song “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater in Harlem last week - this sent chills down the backs of Obama's race-base.

“Since that performance, sales for Al Green’s songs shot up 490%...the President sings, boosts classic songs and helps the economy...hey Republicans, you sure you are ready to face him in the election?” crows Sharpton.

So Al wants Obama to sing off-key tunes for his supper? Well, Sharpton may not be too far off the mark regarding Obama and product sales. When Obama blew up on the tarmak in Phoenix he kicked Jan Brewer's book into overtime too. Way to go Barry, you are a one-man sales king-maker now, and the Rev. Al wants a piece of that action.

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