Chicago Dumping Dead In Mass Graves

Illinois continues to slide.  A blue state dominated by Democrats whose 'solution' to the Obama depression was simple, raise taxes, and keep spending. The result? Debt, fleeing business, and now the nations lowest state-level credit rating to A2.

The indigent dead are likewise paying a price in Illinois.  The humiliation of spending eternity stacked on top of others in a hastily constructed plywood crate, sometimes more than one to a box becomes their reward for having died in Chicago.  Arriving by the dozens in a U-Haul truck, the bodies are placed in a drainage ditch dug that morning.  Forget a marker or mourners, its cold, and these things are heavy, gotta stack 'em, and leave the rest to the back-ho operator.

One must ask why are they not cremated?  Oh yea, ply-wood is cheaper than the ovens apparently. And gotta keep some of the union back-ho guys working too, ya know.

Well, grim though it be, it's high-treatment compared to what the mob did to it's own around Las Vegas in the 50's.  They say "most of the problems in Vegas are buried in the desert".  Dumped from the trunk of a car like a sack of trash into a shallow sandy hole.  These guys definitely 'stayed in Vegas'.

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