San Francisco Sheriff Faces Domestic Battery Beef

The newly elected sheriff of San Francisco had a raucous New Years. Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has been charged with one count each of domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness.

Mirkarimi was sworn in last week despite a pending investigation. Now the city has egg on its face. San Francisco continues to lead the nation in debauchery, decadence, and pedestrian banality.

A witness says Mirkarimi grabbed and bruised his wife Eliana Lopez. The witness has a video, and a text message to prove it. ooops.  Charges and restraining orders are automatic for domestic violence because 'victims' usually defend their assailants due to fear of reprisals. Unsurprisingly, Eliana said ‘This is unbelievable...I don't have any complaint against my husband...’

A conviction would lead to Mirkarimi being stripped of a firearm for life, and random searches of his home by police. Mirkarimi would not be able to perform his function properly, so we expect the newly elected Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee to charge Mirkarimi with official misconduct and suspend him from office.

We will be watching, Ed. Extra fun note, Mirkarimi was a ferocious liberal city councilman, you know, the type that would normally abhor men who attack women, or so they say.

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