California Green Schizophrenia Strikes Again

The state of California has been making the wrong turn for two decades. Debt, taxes, absurd regulations, permissive attitude toward illegals, and mandates killing entire industries all contributing to the slow demise of what was once a great state.

A near gestapo-like agency, the Air Resources Board never misses a chance to dent the state further. The green nazis on the ARB just put out new rules requiring 1 in 7 new cars sold must be an electric by 2025. Even more insidious is the brutal mandate that a full 75% reduction in C02 be forced by 2025.

The problem with electric cars is they are NOT zero emission. Why? Electricity is generated primarily by coal plants and you need electricity to power an electric car, right Mary Nichols?

Notice also California's hostile attitude toward their own currently operating nuclear power plants. This same group of idiots are pushing hard to shut down those plants which provide 25% of the power in the state.  Along with a ban on constructing nuclear plants in place since 1974 the irrationality to push cars into the electricity consuming space is easy for a liberal.

What will California use to power the presumptive electric fleet? As usual, they will suck resources from OTHER states, for instance, a large part of Los Angeles power comes from Arizona's Palo Verde nuclear plant near Phoenix. Isn't that special?

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