Sir Ian McKellen: 'no doubt' Shakespeare Was Gay

Gay liberals seem to find 'gayness' historians have missed.   Gaydar, as the saying goes, allows gays to spot gay in other presumed gays, even across the expanse of centuries of time.

The shame associated with being wrong doesn't stop them.  Oh no, a book must be written, a comment made, by the famous and infamous liberal seers.  Often gay themselves, they pull from the closets of yore a 'fancy-boy' few suspected - delighting few.

Abraham Lincoln has withstood the gay charge on and off over the decades. Long after he saved the union, some insisted young Abe was a switch hitter. As the yarn goes, though Abe courted prominent females like his future wife, Mary Todd, he would later saunter back to the boarding house to 'lay with men' living a presumed double-life. Naturally no proof, no letter, no pining note, not even a pair of soiled underwear was ever found.

Was William Shakespeare, the bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, light in the loafers?  Though well 'wived' up, and spawning a good number of offspring, according to Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Bill sported a fancy for the male members of his staff. Sorta like Gov. Jim McGreevey of New Jersey.

C'mon, can we stop this nonsense? Is it possible that famous shakers from the past boringly stuck to the opposite sex?  Why is it necessary to play that 'dirty trick on the dead' and find a gay-gene where none existed?

In the mind of the liberal, nothing is truth, everything is open to revision.  The sanitation of political correctness reeks of absurdity.

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