Obama Hands Brewer Record Book Sales

Word is Obama has a temper. Like his buddy Rahm Emanual, they both grew up at the school of Chicago Politics where corruption is king, and bullies prosper. Obama brought that mentality to the presidency.

When Gov. Brewer met with Obama last year at the White House, like Netanyahu, Obama treated her like a house servant. Since that meeting, the governor wrote a book detailing that meeting, and the roughed up way her state is treated in Obama's justice department.

When Obama hopped off AF1 yesterday in Phoenix he was greeted by Gov. Brewer warmly and immediately started to chew her out. It seems Obama had read 'excerpts' from her book and reacted angrily over his half-baked perception of the tome.

The governor noted, “I was a bit taken aback by his stance and his attitude… [and he walked way when] I was trying to make a point that I thought that my book was right and correct.”

In a day, Obama has made her the book, Scorpions for Breakfast the second-fastest rising title on Amazon’s best-seller list. The book is also now the top seller in Amazon’s “public policy” category.  It seems people don't like a half-cocked president..

Thus proving the old saw, the first one to get mad, loses.  Ata girl, Jan...you and sheriff Joe Arpaio, two of the nations best.

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