CBO: Real Jobless Rate 10%

Cheerleaders have a tough job. The jumping beans, male or female, are supposed to rah-rah their team, even if the team is a towering failure. If you take a cheerleader's queue you could be fooled possibly into thinking things are just dandy - don't blame the cheerleader, blame the team.

The Obama cheerleaders are yelling rah-rah using the wrong data, and spinning the results in a way intended to misdirect those watching the game. If you were Obama, wouldn't you do the same thing? After all, after nearly four years of abject failure why would anyone rehire you?

The CBO is out with 2012 numbers today. The 2012 deficit will top $1.1 trillion, the real jobless rate is 10%, taxes to jump 30% over two years, and social security is in the red getting deader. Consumer confidence dropped in January purported to be a surprise!

What a laugh. The CBO finally admitted that the jobless rate is over 10% due to the fact that the US Labor dept. does not account for those able to work, but are no longer looking. Obama of course will pan the deficit, take the US Labor number, ignore social security, play more class warfare/envy, demagogue banks and the 'rich', and get in a lot more golf before the election.

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