Justice Ginsberg: US Constitution Is Too Old

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 80, was in Egypt a few days ago and told the Islamics they should use South Africa's constitution.  She said the US Constitution is too old.

Ginsberg has really tripped the switch on this one. First, did it occur to the old bag that Egypt and Libya are using Sharia Law?  Sharia is a thousand years older than the Constitution, and calls for women and children to be slave-chattel to their misogynist males?  Wow. And South Africa holds the worlds records for rape, and modern day slavery. Has this women been reading a newspaper in the last 25 years?

The point of course is the constant battle with activist left-wingers like Ginsberg who can be counted on to draw absurd conclusions, and make inflammatory USA hating remarks though she is sworn to protect and defend the country.

Roberts needs to send out the goon squad and reel this woman back in before she tells someone she sees dead people, and likes to eat canned bat guano. Ruthie joins the ranks of Nancy 'Howler' Pelosi, and the crazed and disgraced Helen Thomas.

Remember, Ginsberg has colon cancer and says she will hang on the court 'till Obama is fired in November.  That's the good news.  The bad news is should Obama be reelected, Ginsberg may get replaced with an even more insidious model.