Obama Election Year Budget In Your Face

A preview into what Obama would be like in a second term is found in the $3.8 Trillion monstrosity just released. The budget continues to grow red ink ($1.33 Trillion) on top of reshaping spending priorities and adding taxes in bizarre ways.

A massive uptick of $1.4 Trillion in new taxes, and a shifting of costs for TSA patdowns to airline passengers just some of the new fees. The cuts to Defense and other key departments combine to cripple the most important functions of government. Obama's priorities are utterly backward.

Obama wants to double-down on the failed GM Volt upping subsidies to $10,000 per car - remember just 600 of these monsters sold in January. Unsurprisingly Obama pours new billions into teachers and construction unions. And even more fun, loses more money on the failed TARP programs that keep the housing industry on its butt.

And lest we not forget the Arab Spring turned Winter In Libya and Egypt.  Obama wants nearly a billion new bucks to feed the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam taking over there.

The wheels are fully off the wagon at the White House. Gene Sperling head of Obama's goofy economics council has actually suggested a world-wide minimum corporate tax instead of addressing the serious concern that US Corporations already pay the world's highest tax rates.

Pay attention folks. Obama is coming for the rest of the cow - and you are not invited to dinner.

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