Obama Secret Deal With Iran

Obama is now faced with a nuclear Iran and an election that hinges on Israel taking no action before the vote. So, what does Obama do?

Allegedly, the Obama administration has been meeting secretly with Iran offering them a pass. Obama is trading his reelection for the safety of Israel, and the world at large. How?

The deal struck calls for the US to 'pretend' publicly that Iran is not after a nuclear weapon, in exchange, Iran gets assurance that the USA will not attack nor aid Israel in an attack upon Iran's nuclear facilities.

Next week Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Obama in what will no doubt be a tense, even hostile meeting. Contrast Obama thousands of miles from Iran jockeying for a reelection.  With Netanyahu next door to Iran is sweating the very survival of his entire country. Literally.

History is repeating itself.  Prior to World War II Arthur Neville Chamberlain tried to appease a ferocious mass killer named Adolf Hitler by giving up an ally - Czechoslovakia.  Now Barak Obama is trying to appease Iran by giving up an ally - Israel.  Not to save the world, instead, to save his reelection.

Obama is failing as president.  But until now, Obama has not stooped so low as to give up our only ally in the middle-east for personal gain.  May Israel forgive us if this story is true.

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