Rubio: America Must End Abortion

Planned Parenthood is ground central over the abortion debate. Why not, the place is an abortion mill contrary to denials by Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Marco Rubio is a lot more than just the face of the 'new' GOP. Rubio is a Catholic and pro-life. Rubio has a pair of bones to pick with Obama, one on religion, the other on abortion.  Obama attacked Catholics last week over morning-after-abortion pill mandates. And Obama has tried to fund Planned Parenthood abortions with public money.

Rubio brings a forceful stand to the Susan B. Anthony gathering, “The issue of life is not a political issue, nor is it a policy issue, it is a definitional issue. It is a basic core issue that every society needs to answer,” he said. “The answer that you give to that issue ends up defining which kind of society you have.”

Since Obama has tried to trick the country into having the taxpayers fund abortion at Planned Parenthood, he has pulled back the scabs himself. States are passing new laws to limit abortion on demand.  When the GOP wins back the white house and senate in November, 2013 may well be the year Roe .v. Wade is revisited.

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