Chicago Teachers Union: Raise Pay 30% Or Else

Or else what? Rahm Emanuel wanted the job, and oh man is he getting it. Chicago is the USA's most corrupt city, and of course it has the best example of aggressive and indignant teachers unions.

Public schools are an utter disgrace, especially in Detroit and Chicago. The outrage that ANY teachers union demand pay raises in the middle of Obama's absurd. Let alone 30%!

The union is also demanding class size reduction across all grade levels. And want each school to hire at least one art, music, librarian, and phys-ed teacher. See the pattern? Remember, these idiots already work 9 months out of the year and have crushing benefits that bankrupt nearly every school district in the country.

"We are not negotiating this in the public," sputtered the corn-rowed head of the CTU Karen Lewis.  Ah, but the PUBLIC will pay whatever the union extorts right?

Robin Steans of the Illinois Education Policy Group, "That said, given the financial realities that the district is facing, it's hard to believe that anybody seriously expects that this is anywhere close to where negotiations will end."

It seems the CTU isn't feeling love from city officials. Guess what, public school teachers and their unions are a disgrace nationwide. Fire them all...start over with school choice and private-sector competition for students.

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