Atheist Richard Dawkin's Slavery Roots

Richard Dawkins is a ferocious, mouthy, spitting British secular academic who is symbolic leader of the world-wide atheist cult.

Dawkins once branded the Catholic Church 'evil'. The world's largest charity orginization in the world is evil?

Dawkins owns a 400-acre family estate bought with the blood money made in the slave trade.  Shocking! Dick is the son of slave owners, slave traders, and slave profiteers.

Dick descends directly from Henry Dawkins who owned 1,013 slaves in Jamaica until he died in 1744. Over a 130 years of Dawkins family slavery continued right up to the abolition movement led by William Wilberforce. In 1799, James Dawkins voted against Wilberforce's attempts to outlaw slavery.

Ah the sotted, smoldering, sulfuric smell of hypocrisy.

Dick Dawkins lied by omission when he failed to mention the estate's funding origin. The reticent Dick Dawkins refuses to apologize for the family history or sell the estate and give the money back. Secular goofs like Dawkins see no moral imperative on the subject.  Who is the 'evil' one, Dick?

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