Zebras Evolved Stripes To Keep Horse-Flies Off

If Zebras evolved striped coats to keep dangerous horse-flies off, then why didn't all the other four legged beasts in Africa do the same thing? ooops.

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden claim Zebra stripes repulse horse-flies. They setup glue-covered cardboard cutouts with and without stripes to test the idea. The flies stuck to the mono-colored cutouts but seemed to shy away from the striped ones.

That is fantastic! Solved! Junk the old theories that black and white stripes on a Zebra provide camouflage, thermoregulation, or let Zebras find other Zebras to make more Zebras.  The Swedes have broken the code...

Zerbra's alone must have figured out how to keep the parasitic flies off. The Addax, Gazelles, Antelope, Oryx, Bongo, Bontebok, Buffalo, Camel, Eland, Kudu, Impala, Oribi, Topi, Wild Ass, Wild Horse, and Giraffe must like the flies - they don't have stripes.

Here is a good example how science goes sideways.  One must reject the obvious that these flies are not just landing on Zebra's in Africa.  Other horse-like animals ignored the same problem and allowed themselves to be bitten freely?  Baloney.

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